Bags & Accessories

Wpro offers you a selected range of compatible microfiber vacuum cleaner bags with a wide variety of universal vacuum cleaner accessories.

Discover the many advanced features of the Wpro vacuum cleaner bags:

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: the Wpro microfiber vacuum cleaner bags are made of polypropylene, with a weight higher than 90 g/m². This material increases the suction power of your vacuum cleaner by 50%.
  • HYGIENIC: they capture and filter 99% of dust up to micro-particles of 0.3 microns (animal hair, pollens, mites, etc.). The home is healthier and the risks of allergies are reduced.
  • ECONOMIC: filling capacity higher than paper vacuum cleaner bags.
  • ROBUST: it allows sharp and wet particles to be vacuumed up holding as much as paper bag. ECOLOGICAL: its material is 100% recyclable.

Consistency and clarity when using the Wpro products:

The Wpro vacuum cleaner bags come in nice, practical cardboard boxes with easy re-seal tool, detailed product features, adaptabilities and instruction for use. The bags are therefore protected for longer periods of time from humidity and dust, thus keeping their efficiency.

Cooker Hood Filter

Wpro created a full range of active carbon filters, to offer you high quality filtering performances. Wpro range offers a wide variety of filter types to cover most of the hoods and brands on the market.

The new generation of filters is:

  • HYGIENE PLUS: with their absorbant action, the Wpro filters protect against the spread of bacterias in the air. Your environment is healthier, the risks of allergies are reduced.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: the filters are made of AC40 quality charcoal. Their ability to absorb odors is 2 x greater than a traditional charcoal AC20.
  • AUTO-EXTINGUISHES: they guarantee totally safe use (conforms to standard UL94:V-2)
  • PRACTICAL: the Wpro filter saturation indicator changes color when the filter must be replaced. In any case, for optimum performances, we recommend you to change the filter every 3 months.
Water Filters

A wide range of water filters both compatible and original versions to offer you high quality filtering performances, fitting most of the american fridges on the market.

Discover the many advanced features of the water filters:

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: for better tasting water and ice cubes
  • SAFETY: all our filters are certified according to the EU regulation 1935/2004
  • ECONOMICAL: while using a water filter you can save on the bottled water
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: water filters allow you to reduce your impact on environment while consuming less plastic